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Until a few months ago I had never even touched a tennis racket, started playing for fun with friends but kept missing, hitting over, and games would just be frustrating. We all wanted to be able to play a decent game. Afrer just a few lessons I've been able to play a proper forehand, backhand, first and second serve and games are a lot more fun when it takes more than 3 hits. I'd highly recommend David as a teacher!

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David is a very good, fun, technical and motivational tennis coach, I believe he can teach anyone, on any level to (improve) to play tennis. I started playing with him a little over 2 years ago with a small group of friends (30 yrs), one hour a week. I never played before at all, but in these years he has taught us to really be able to play a game and compete with others. I already look forward to our class next week!

Ida Stegmeijer

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